Clover Hailleaf Hey everyone! This is Clover and he does a fantastic job helping all the clover grow around the yard for the bunnies to eat. Memmey has given him a vacation since he is doing such an excellent job that it is taken over the gardens. We’ll give him a rest and send him with Memmey to her book signing coming up on July 27th at The Book Shelf in downtown Lapeer, MI from 10am to 2pm. Come on down to meet him.

Lily Ann


Free Coloring Pages!

Queen LilyAnn Flutterbye Hey everyone!  All the fairies had a meeting last night and decided that we need to help Memmay get the word out about our book. So with a little bit of group thinking, we came up with an wonderful idea. We would all take our turns posing for some pictures that Memmay could make into coloring pages and then put on her web page so all you kids could download them for Free!

I love coloring!!  How about you?

Have a colorful day!

Queen Lily Ann Flutterby

Stay tuned!  I’ll be sure to post a link real soon.