Winona Willy Wog

Winnie CP wp     You may call me Winnie! I live by the pond and have lots of stories to tell. Come sit with me awhile and I’ll share some.

Sit close but beware my belly is very ticklish.


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The future Fairy Condo

maple tree     We had a bad day in the gardens a few weeks ago. It seems Mother Nature had other plans for this HUGE maple tree. She blew the top off with one of her storms. Peppey cut the remaining branches and cut the trunk in half. The top half will be put on the other side of the garden.

What fun we are going to have carving it into a Fairy Condo! Be sure to check back from time to time to see the progress.


The Enchanted Door Coloring Page

Enchanted Door-colored smallThe Enchanted Door is this weeks coloring page!

Dawson and Avery found this door in their grandmother’s garden house.  When they stepped through it the magic and wonder of the gardens came alive.

Is there an Enchanted Door in your grandmother’s garden?

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