Just keep adding

hilda eyes wp

This week I’ve been adding and blending a variety of colors for the feathers on Hilda’s head grabbing different shades of color from her eyes.  I’ll be using these colors for her entire body. I’ve also used a couple of different brushes and opacity of those brushes.  I started with setting in the basic colors for shadows and highlights using a solid round brush with no hardness. Be sure to vary your opacity. Once I have that done then I go back over it with a darker spatter brush to add depth and texture. Again making sure I vary size and opacity. Then do the same with white to create the highlights of the feathers.  Some strokes are smeared and some are just a simple quick click in one spot to get the effect of feathers.

cheek, neck wpAs you can see here in a close up, I’m not trying to paint each individual feather, just the suggestion of them.

I’ll be spending a lot more time on her wings so please be patient with me. As much as I would love to do this every day, work gets in my way.

I also have to make a hunting fairy this weekend out of clay for my grandson, Dawson. I’ll post pics when I get him done.

Until next week.

Thanks, Ann



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