Feathers and more feathers

head & Feathers

What was I thinking?! There are Way too many feathers on a bird! lol

Here, Hilda has collected (stolen) some fancy feathers for herself.

It’s taking me a long time to do this next step and I’m afraid I’m not done.

This week I’ll be experimenting with a few new brushes I just downloaded.  I’ll insert some on the head and body so that it doesn’t look so blurred and one dimensional.

There is still a lot to do.

feathers and feet

Until next time.

Have an artful day!


3 thoughts on “Feathers and more feathers

    • Thanks Lilses!
      I would love to do a video but I honestly don’t know how. These digital paintings take an incredible amount of time so I would have to be able to stop the recording when I needed to take a break. Any suggestions?

      • Well maybe you don’t have to show everything. Just the important parts. Its so cool just getting an idea on how good art is designed.

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