About the Artist/ Author

Ann 2013 4x4

Ann Lauwers is the Artist/Owner of An Artist’s View Photography. A wife, mother and grandmother, she resides on a very dusty, dirty road in the small town of Metamora, Michigan with her two little Woofenwiggles, Emma and Megan.

Art and photography have been the “main stay” in her life. She earned her degree in commercial art, and then worked for over 20 years as an award winning photographic retoucher. Ann spends many weekends selling her fine art photography, paintings, and books at art shows across the state and may also be found designing monuments during the week. All of which have played an important role in defining her artistic style. Writing and illustrating a children’s book is just the next natural step in her creative endeavors.

As an artist, Ann would say, the art just keeps growing and collecting in your head until the pressure gets so unbearable, you must lock yourself in your studio and let it all flow out onto whichever medium feels right at the moment. Constraining an artist to one medium is like trying to hold back the tide with only a teacup.

Website:  www.anartistview.net

Facebook:  Adventures Through the Enchanted Door

Blogger:   http://anartistview.blogspot.com/


Second Glances: An Introduction to Seeing


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