About the Book…..Adventures Through The Enchanted Door

The Enchanted Door

What are they going to do?

     Dawson had found a small hand carved wooden door. It looked very old and worn with colorful gemstones attached here and there. His curiosity was getting the best of him as he reached for the door’s handle, wondering where the door might lead.
Just then Avery ran into the garden house screaming.
“Oh no! The dogs are coming!” And in her haste to escape Memmay’s overly excited dogs, Emma and Megan, she jumped inside the little house, pushing them both through the small door.
“Ahhhhhhhh!!” the kids screamed, as they tumbled down into the dirt just outside the front of the garden house, only to find themselves very small with two big wet dog noses coming in closer for a really good sniff.

How are they going to get back through the door?

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