Diggery Dew Coloring Page

diggery dewTa da!!

Here’s Diggery Dew.

Isn’t he fun? He likes it underground where he can bring food to the roots of plants. Him and his friends have dug lots of tunnels that are great for making cool echo’s.

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Free Coloring Pages are Here!

copyright An Artist View Photography

copyright An Artist View Photography

Lily here,

Their here! Their here! The Free Coloring Pages I was telling you about last week!

We made Abella go first since we know you will all agree, she is beautiful all dressed up in her butterfly dress and dark hair.

Memmey said that she will try very hard to make at least one new coloring page a week. I love to color. How about you?

We think we saw Diggery Dew posing for his picture. I wonder if he will be next?

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smell the flowers. They are at their best right now.

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